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At Blind Lady and Tiger!Tiger! one of our main quests has always been to figure out how we fit into our community and in turn, how we then can give back. In the past we’ve done countless fundraisers with local and national organizations. This last year we added MeatLess Mondays to the program at BLAH and raised funds and awareness for Girls Rising, San Diego Refugee Tutoring and several other organizations.

This year instead of flying by the seat of our pants — our specialty and general modus operandi— we researched over 45 organizations that were suggested by our staff members and chose 12 of them for 2017, one for each month.

All that great research needs to be shared and so we will debut a new website, The Agents of Change, later this month, that puts a spotlight on the people who are really working hard on the ground day in and out to make our community brighter.

At BLAH we  will continue with MeatLess Mondays by donating 20% of “meatless” pizza sales to the cause of the month. And at T!T! we’ll step up and donate 10% of ALL food sales on Thursdays. So, now there are two days a month to support where you can also learn about a great cause...

Now on to those 12  — or actually 16, you’ll see — great causes. Month by month:

JANUARY: Ocean Discovery Institute - Bringing science education and conservancy to urban neighborhoods & schools

FEBRUARY: ARTS: A Reason to Survive - Moving kids from crisis to college and/or careers using art and creativity

MARCH: National Organization of Women SD - Fighting for equality, safe reproductive access, diversity, marriage equality and a whole lot more

APRIL: The Center - Enhancing & sustaining the health and well-being of our LGBT and HIV communities

JUNE: Dreams for Change - Serving our community’s homeless with parking lots, food trucks, financial solvency workshops and more.

JULY: Feeding San Diego - Fighting hunger for San Diego’s youth, elderly, schools & families

AUGUST: California Innocence Project - Fighting to release wrongfully committed inmates and advocate for better laws

SEPTEMBER: Outdoor Outreach - Using the outdoor landscape to help underserved kids

OCTOBER: Border Angels / Angels de la Frontera -  Advocating for human rights, humane immigration reform and issues related to the US-Mexico border

NOVEMBER: Girls Rising - A very special homegrown Big Sister/Little Sister program

DECEMBER: SD Refugee Tutoring - Teaching refugee kids in City Heights English, Math & other school-life skills

            And then finally…

We have one more organization we partner with to tell you about and that is the San Diego Museum of Art! ( Our third restaurant, Panama 66, which operates out of the Museum’s May S. Marcy Sculpture Garden gives a percentage of every single food and drink sale to the San Diego Museum of Art to support their amazing collections, programs and operations. We are super proud to call them our associate, our friend, and our partner. And if you're member you save 10% at Panama!

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