JUNE: Dreams for Change

JUNE: Dreams for Change
Founder Dr. Teresa Smith was working in social services and was struck by the amount of working families who, due to an unanticipated life-changing event, found themselves living in their cars with no idea of what to do next. She wrote, "To the outside world their lives looked the same – children went off to school, parents to work, and the dog waited for them to come home at the end of the day – except that home was now a vehicle."

Dreams of Change started with assisting homeless people living out of the cars. They have two parking lots where they allow people to park and live out of their car, one in SD and one in Chula Vista. But that isn't where this ends. At these spots they have a food truck that provides hot, nutritious and inexpensive meals and they also take EBT (food stamps.) And then they have a financial literacy program that is wrapped into utilizing their facilities and is tailored to this population and have had great success getting a lot of their folks into housing. Finally, they are one of a few groups leading Thrive, which is an org that helps low income families get the tax credits and other financial aid that is available to them— because sometimes it's just knowing how to navigate the system and fill out the paperwork.

Other organizations working on homelessness in our community (and there are a lot, these are just a few we know):

Think Dignity - http://www.thinkdignity.org/
* TACO  - http://www.tacosd.org/
* PATH - http://site.epath.org/site/PATHSanDiego/home.html

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